EveryPlan is a family of routine checklist apps I’m making for myself.


Don’t stare in the void in the mornings.
Have a plan!


Stick to a routine at the end of the day.
Make a habit of going to sleep!

Routines to Promote Wellbeing

Internet is full of personal stories of life-changing routines and habits. And there are multiple studies on the subject matter.

I can only speak from my own experience: I feel less stressed and I am more productive when I’m following a planned routine. The regret for the time spent on the things in the morning and before bed is gone. My sleep inertia is way down and I’m spending less time procrastinating.

A Simple Checklist

EveryPlan is the idea to approach the mental load by the use of checklists.

MorningPlan and EveningPlan are both just a single checklist that resets every day.

Being a single checklist behind an app icon reduces the friction of sticking to routines which is inevitable when using general-purpose habit-building apps. It creates a distraction-free environment, allowing you to concentrate on one healthy habit at a time.

Just check out the screenshots and the app preview on the App Store® to get an idea of how this works.

Stick to a Routine

Too often poor technology gets in a way of productivity. This was the main problem to challenge while working on this project. The apps are designed to be native and built to be beautiful in their simplicity.

EveryPlan employs notifications to remind you to stay on the planned path and keep your devices synchronized via iCloud®.

Items on your list are marked as started at first and as completed on a second tap. Hopefully, completing one step will give you a little joy, and starting the next one will help you accept what’s to come.

Keep Track of Time

Tracking the effectiveness allows you to see how you are getting better at your routine and understand the changes it may need.

A full history of your progress is available on the app. You can learn how long your daily routine takes and the duration of each separate task. The plans for future updates include calculating the time spent in between tasks and nifty visualisations.

You can also export your whole history as a spreadsheet for further analyses of your productivity.

Features Yet to Come

The apps get updates every couple of weeks nowadays. Plans for the future include:

  • Day of week routines.
  • Task timers (e.g. exercise for 10 min).
  • In progress routine notifications.
  • Apple Watch® integration.
  • iPad® redesign.
  • History visualisation.

Become an Early Adopter

The launch just happened on Mar 10. Yay to that! 🥳

Since the apps are far from reaching their full potential, they are selling for just $1.99.

I’m working hard on improving these apps every day. You’re sure to get numerous updates and fixes in the near future.

And since the apps will be delivering more value, the listing prices will go up at some point.

But right now is the best time to buy if you are into getting the most value for the price.

The purchase is for the lifetime. I’ll never be adding any in-app purchases, require subscriptions to use existing features or sell your data to advertisers.

Welcome to a healthier life!


More apps are coming soon.
I’ll be sending you updates on them as well as existing apps.
Maybe even a beta invite to try new apps for free!

No bullshit marketing, no sneaky tracking pixels.

Contact & Feedback

Send your comments, bug reports and feature requests to misha@drach.uk.

EveryPlan was helpful? Happy to hear that.
Write me an email, leave a review in the App Store and spread the message to people you know.

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